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So I'm thinking about RIT
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And I think what I want is my major, 2 minors, and a concentration. If possible.

Major: 3D Digital Graphics
*Incentive: Love that stuff
*Requirements: 4 years of ass-kickery

Minor 1a: Computer Science
*Incentive: My Dad/ Needing to work the other side of my brain
*Requirements: CS 1-3, CG 1 & 2, maybe a few math prereqs since CGs are 500 lvl...and require a 3rd year standing in CS major... going to need to look into that more.

Minor 1b: Game Design
*Incentive: Applications of CS&3D together, plus it's cool
*Requirements: 5 classes
     - 2D Animation
     - Intro to Programming
     - Programming II
     - Fundamentals of Game Design
     - Fundamentals 2 or Programming for Digital Media

OR, one minor to replace them:

Minor 2: Game Design & Development
*Incentive: Easier CS, more put together minor
*Requirements: 13 classes, including CS 1-3

Either way I have to take CS so I'm sticking to that road right now and we'll see how things go.

For my required Liberal Arts Concentration (or Minor, if there's space, which I kinda doubt, but a minor is only 2 extra classes...), I'm either going to go with Literature or Writing. Leaning toward...writing? Maybe? Idk...

Sucess & Failure
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Just this week, Flaherty's and the Apple Store both got back to me about an interview. A few months too late...?

Makes me wonder how different my summer would've been if I had tried one of those jobs instead.

I got rejected for a scholarship that I totally counted my chickens on. (That makes me sound like a hick, but I don't know how else to say it) It was for women and minorities in computer & video game arts, and apparently there are more of us out there than I thought. (There were 15 scholarships, $3000 apiece. Had I won it would've gone to my car fund.) Meh.

I need to practice more, I got off to a good start this summer and then wound down on modeling a bit. I'd like to practice animation too...

I worked until 2:30 am last night closing Aerie for their big visit with the VP, then woke up before 7:30 this morning to go to Buffalo to shop and see my brother in a golf tournament. Then I went to Geoff's house. I napped during the car ride to Buf but I was still cranky and now I'm really tired. I'm looking forward to getting in bed and reading my current book, While I'm Falling by Laura Moriarty. I like it so far. It's one of those books where I'm like, damn... I mean, there are some books I read, and in the back of my mind I think "I could write this, if I had thought of it, and worked at it." But this is just one of those books where the character development is way, way beyond where my skill could ever be.

Tomorrow, I'm most likely going to see The Time Traveler's Wife with Brady. Thursday, dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with sorority girls, maybe coffee at some point with Devina because I haven't kept in touch with her well this summer. Friday, another movie - 500 Days of Summer with Geoff. Saturday, family party celebrating my Great Aunt/nun's retirement. I feel like it sounds like I'm bragging about my busy schedule but it's just unusual because I haven't done shit for like 2 weeks, ha ha,

Lastly, and significantly, I finally got my license. Big victory on that front. I failed my first road test (unjustly) at ER, then took my second way out in Seneca so I could have a chance at driving myself around before the end of summer. I'm really glad I did, I feel free in comparison to before. I went to Borders without asking anyone to take me there. People don't realize how big a deal that is haha. I'm still kinda phobic, had a breakdown the first time I drove to Geoff's because it was rush hour and I didn't know where to turn and it was like an acute angle that I had to make and I forgot about the car coming toward me. Really scared me. Like I said, getting over it. Geoff always has to remind me that mistakes happen, other people have breaks they can use too.

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so i know this is a COMPLETE turn around from a few days ago but let me just lay a disclaimer that i'm a rollercoaster of emotion:

AW AW AWW geoff mixed a song and called it "kemistry" as a subtle shout-out to me because my initials are kem. this is a lot cuter than it sounds when i write it out hahah

he's done it before with mixes called "her eyes" and "let's stay up late tonight" and there's usually a song just for me but this one is so much cuter for some reason haha, maybe because i was so recently so pissy

today was awesome
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i find that i use this as a place to vent about bad and stressful days and as a result i probably sound like a miserable person. I have good days too, i just don't feel as compelled to report them! haha

i didn't want to work this morning. I was tired from working late last night and i knew i had a long split shift ahead of me and i just wasn't diggin' it. the morning shift from 9 to 1 was stressful and rushed and no one got breaks and jen was a bitch and everyone seems to be moving in slo mo and it was a drag.

but then!

geoff picked me up from the mall and we went to the little in the city to see 'moon.' it was interesting but not my favorite by any means. then we went to spot for a snack. we kept joking about what hipsters we were, going to an indie movie and a cafe! hehe. it was pouring when we went in the theater and when we walked out it was the perfect summer day, so it was nice to sit outside at an umbrella table at spot and just relax. sitting in the mall parking lot an hour later, i had absolutely no desire to go back into that bra hanging hellhole

but then!

the nazi managers had left and it was just heather and diane. and after a few minutes they were like fuck it, let's order 3 pizzas and let everyone chat and work slowly! haha it was the bomb. i made new friends. and the managers treat me like a friend/equal! they ask me what i think on things. such a nice change from feeling like an underdog at ae.

then jor drove me home and we chilled at my house and gossiped about work and life.


my grammar in this entry sucks balls but y'all gonna hafta deals yo

it's a lanternnn
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yep. Basis for the model is my mom's decorative lantern that I stole from downstairs. It just has a lot of neat shapes like thin loops of iron. I'm getting better at building by extruding, selecting edge loops to save time, etc. Rarely did I pull individual points so far.

In other news, I went shopping yesterday essential spending money I don't have but getting SUCH BARGAINS. Good time to shop, definitely.

Forever 21: 1 white v-neck blouse and 1 short sleeved ruffly blue sweater
Charlotte Russe: 1 red stretchy shirt and 1 ($8!!) sundress
Victoria's Secret: 5 for $25 undies and a pink lacy cami
AE: 2 floral print shirts which I love

tweaking textures
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god this took me way too long to do such tiny things. waste of time.

i was trying to mess with a custom mr shader (mix8) and then hours later i figured it wasnt really necessary and duplicated the shape and put the transparent decal layer on that. agh. but it does sparkle now!

im starting to be like an insomniac

another couple hours:
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i'm really enjoying this one. i wonder how close i can get it!

Today's main effort was texturing. Possibly a bit overloaded with shiny on the blue. I'm depending on mental ray on this one, which is probably bad, but I learned quite about about the metallic shader, so cool. Also chrome is so hard wtf.

yay for purple background!

those itty bitty details took for-freaking-ever to model. I was having issues with merging edges, idk why. I'm happy with the ridgy bit though, and the tab looks nice. I smoothed it too early by mistake so hopefully I don't see anything I absolutely *have* to change :P

Woo semi-productivity!

I'm going out with Geoff in like an hour to chill and watch the Stanley Cup final. I hope the Penguins win so he isn't miserable, haha. He's so hardcore about it. I have to wear a jersey~

Time for leftover Chinese because I'm starving!

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The past few weeks of my life, in no particular order:

this last one is creepy and cabbage patch-esque, i know:

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my laundry was still wet after TWO HOURS in the dryer.

Summer can't come soon enough.

damn i'm tired
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need coffee, the week is endless


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